Commercial Carpeting

Enterprise Commercial Carpeting

Give every business a good grounding with the graduated shading of Enterprise in either an airy light grey or a sturdy, definitive dark grey, for up-to-the-minute style. Add one or two punchy coloured patches and you’re guaranteed to grab attention. Ideal for heavy commercial applications including restaurants, retail outlets or civic centres such as libraries or universities. Enterprise provides an interchangeable tufted tile that’s hardwearing and reliable, that can be adapted to any business’s needs.

Storm Commercial Carpeting

This elegant tufted tile range is designed using textured vertical stripes in a subtle pattern which adds style to modern contemporary interiors. This range is engineered for heavy commercial areas and is manufactured using colourfast Stainproof SDX and the NexBac dimensionally stable backing system. This product conforms with the coveted Global GreenTag Scheme and qualifies for GBCSA level A, Green Star SA Interiors v1 credits.

Berber Point Fusion Commercial Carpeting

Another jewel in an already superlative crown. The BERBER POINT FUSION range a fusion between the tried and tested 920 carpet tiles and modern contemporary design. Available in 10 colourways.

Hercules Commercial Carpeting

HERCULES is the heavy commercial flooring carpet tile hero of the Belgotex product range. This compact and highly resilient industrial carpet is perfect for extreme traffic areas. HERCULES is a smooth finish needlepunch industrial carpet tile constructed with 100% Stainproof Miracle Fibre (Polypropylene) which offers high appearance retention. The popular and practical colourways of HERCULES allow for attractive finishes and superb design options in the most demanding heavy commercial flooring environments. Available in both modular carpet t...

Induna Commercial Carpeting

Induna is a versatile structured needlepunch tile set to become the design chief of corporate interiors with its textured linear bricklay pattern. Ideal for blue-chip companies, call centres, government institutions or heavy commercial installations, Induna’s high-low construction creates a formal and uniform design with directional versatility, with three different size variants for added design possibilities. Made from Stainproof Miracle Fibre blended with Stainproof Eco Fibre, Induna answers green mandates with its recycled content and ...

Matrix Commercial Carpeting

Hi-tech, fashionable and modern corporations should definitely consider the futuristic, striped vertical lines of Matrix. The sci-fi stripe reminiscent of a data-matrix provides uniformity and direction which can be effectively used to create a sense of order vs chaos depending on the installation direction and size combinations. The varied pile height of the pattern offers added texture and together with a few highlight colours, presents the ideal flooring for forward-thinking organisations.

Metro Commercial Carpeting

Superior - Unsurpassed - Cost Effective With it's unique linear design and exciting range of 9 colourways, METRO carpet tiles add unsurpassed elegance to any heavy commercial floor covering environment.

Natural Bark Plank Commercial Carpeting

The current trend of merging sustainability with the corporate environment is totally inspiring! There is vision in the way architects design buildings, in the way in which companies design products that consider the environment and create harmony.

Six Sense Commercial Carpeting

Let instinct be your guide and choose the graphic “vector” styling for a formal, yet fashionable foundation in offices or reception areas. Detailed patterned colour placement produces the linear “co-ordinate” designs, drawing your eye down the longitudes and across the latitudes of vectors to where fashion and function intersect. Made from Stainproof SDX for superior wear and colour clarity, this tufted broadloom carpet is the conservative alternative in the luxurious “Touch Design” collection.

Urban Commercial Carpeting

Break up the monotony and brighten up the concrete jungle with this striking geometric tile. Perfect for modern work environments or institutions looking to make a bold statement, thick and thin stripes with varied spacing add texture and tone to this structured needlepunch carpet. The hardwearing surface guarantees good looks and durability, while the eco-friendly stainproof fibre ensures cleaning and maintenance stays tax-free!