Commercial Carpeting

Berber Point 650 Commercial Carpeting

BERBER POINT 650 heralds a new era in commercial flooring performance. Delivering on the world renowned Berber Point reputation for durability and performance, BERBER POINT 650 is an amazingly versatile and cost effective carpet tile solution. The fibre technology used for BERBER POINT 650 is Belgotex’s 100% Stainproof Miracle fibre. This not only makes BERBER POINT 650 carpet tiles easy to clean but also gives it low moisture absorbency and high abrasion resistance. BERBER POINT 650 is ideally suited to a wide range of general commercial ...

Berber Point 920 Commercial Carpeting

Berber Point 920 - the undisputed heavyweight champion, now with recycled content! A choice of 27 colours, all with recycled content, and seven new colours to choose from! Berber Point 920 is the good looking, resilient solution for any commercial eco friendly flooring application. Its durability and hard wearing performance has been proven worldwide, making it the standard against which other commercial carpet tile flooring is judged. This superior product is available in broadloom or as convenient ResinBac or NexBac Eco carpet tiles.

Equinox Commercial Carpeting

EQUINOX is a 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) tufted carpet tile. The colours are based on earthly tones, which make EQUINOX perfect for commercial carpet tile installations.

Essex Commercial Carpeting

Essex is an exceptionally versatile contract product that brings both style and durability to any project. Manufactured from tightly tufted 100% Stainproof Miracle Fibre, Essex is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Essex is backed with the advanced MiracleBac, making it non-allergenic and moisture resistant. This combination makes Essex an exceptionally hardwearing commercial flooring product that will provide superior performance and long lasting good looks to your chosen project. The Essex range is available in a variety of beautifully ...

Diagonals Commercial Carpeting

DIAGONALS is a diagonally textured floorcovering suited to general commercial flooring applications. Mix one part DIAGONALS with 1 part imagination and you'll be absolutely astonished at the carpet tile patterns that you can create. The texture of DIAGONALS also has an interesting effect on shading, which enhances the pattern to add zest to any area. DIAGONALS is made of 100% Stainproof Miracle Fibre (Polypropylene) fibres offering superior colourfastness and resistance to stains and soiling. Available in both modular carpet tiles and wall t...

Avant Garde Commercial Carpeting

Using the latest carpet-manufacturing technology, this Level Cut Loop (LCL) product, Avant Garde, adds a new dimension to hospitality carpeting. This striking checkerboard pattern and the array of contemporary colours provide the perfect match in creating modern elegance.

Fringe Commercial Carpeting

Get affordable style in a tile with this structured polypropylene range, where good looks and durability meet economy. Fringe’s textured tufted surface provides a fashionable, yet comfortable foundation that performs well in corporate or general office areas or medium commercial zones. The soft multi-scroll loop pile adds texture and tonal variations in a subtle hi-low linear design - ideal for comfort, insulation and hiding soiling - while the Stainproof Miracle Fibre ensures the floor retains its good looks, is easy to clean and durable ...

Abstract Commercial Carpeting

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of this fine luxury carpet. The modern conceptual design produced by fine patterned colour placement provides a canvas for elegant expression and open interpretation. The arty equivalent in the tactile “Touch Design” collection, this tufted broadloom carpet caters to the sophisticated sensibilities of the upper-crust, coupled with the practical characteristics of the bourgeois through its Stainproof SDX constitution.

EarthRock Commercial Carpeting

Rock is the foundation of our earth. It moulds continents together and builds up mountains that are awe-inspiring in their magnificence. As rocks are broken apart by water, wind and natural elements, folds and fissures develop in their stony surface. And it is these unique and interesting cracks and crevices that are the inspiration behind Belgotex Floors Earth Rock range in the Forces Collection.

Cirrus Commercial Carpeting

This mottled design with plain or colourful pattern in highlight shades means the sky’s the limit for design possibilities. Mix ‘n match tiles and different lay directions for texture and tone in heavy traffic areas and even use them to direct customers to different areas within a commercial space, office or retail environment.

Fusion Commercial Carpeting

Make a statement in hip and happening heavy commercial areas with big and bold stripes on a light or dark grey background in either light-on-dark or dark-on-light options, combine the two or add a pop of colour with one of the bright and cheerful colourways that are also available in this range. Combine understated with over-the-top sections to stimulate clients, customers and corporates to enter the fray but with the confidence that this hardwearing tufted tile will not let them down.

Aviator Commercial Carpeting

Subtle stripes and a modern striated pattern speak of smart elegance and a foundation for trust, ideal for high flying professional services such as lawyers, bankers and advisors. These textured tufted tiles are available in either light or dark grey backgrounds with accent colours for that added flash of brilliance. Made from Stainproof SDX, this hardworking carpet tile will provide years of trusted service.

Atlantis Commercial Carpeting

Introduce movement and fun on the floor with free-flowing squiggles that resemble “doodles”. Popular colours or funky patterns hide a multitude of sins in heavy commercial areas, making Atlantis a hardwearing tufted tile that will transform the “concrete jungle” from boring corporate spaces into stimulating commercial zones.

Natural Bark Plank Commercial Carpeting

The current trend of merging sustainability with the corporate environment is totally inspiring! There is vision in the way architects design buildings, in the way in which companies design products that consider the environment and create harmony.

Urban Commercial Carpeting

Break up the monotony and brighten up the concrete jungle with this striking geometric tile. Perfect for modern work environments or institutions looking to make a bold statement, thick and thin stripes with varied spacing add texture and tone to this structured needlepunch carpet. The hardwearing surface guarantees good looks and durability, while the eco-friendly stainproof fibre ensures cleaning and maintenance stays tax-free!

Metro Commercial Carpeting

Superior - Unsurpassed - Cost Effective With it's unique linear design and exciting range of 9 colourways, METRO carpet tiles add unsurpassed elegance to any heavy commercial floor covering environment.

Natural Bark Commercial Carpeting

A Tufted Colour Placement range that is a Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) product, available with the dimensionally stable backing system, EOS BAC, which offers sound absorption and sound reduction properties, and is also environmentally friendly. The Natural Bark range is available in a variety of colourways, allowing you to bring the perfect nuances of natural tree bark - designed by nature itself – into the heart of your commercial environment.

Storm Commercial Carpeting

This elegant tufted tile range is designed using textured vertical stripes in a subtle pattern which adds style to modern contemporary interiors. This range is engineered for heavy commercial areas and is manufactured using colourfast Stainproof SDX and the NexBac dimensionally stable backing system. This product conforms with the coveted Global GreenTag Scheme and qualifies for GBCSA level A, Green Star SA Interiors v1 credits.

Berber Point Fusion Commercial Carpeting

Another jewel in an already superlative crown. The BERBER POINT FUSION range a fusion between the tried and tested 920 carpet tiles and modern contemporary design. Available in 10 colourways.

Enterprise Commercial Carpeting

Give every business a good grounding with the graduated shading of Enterprise in either an airy light grey or a sturdy, definitive dark grey, for up-to-the-minute style. Add one or two punchy coloured patches and you’re guaranteed to grab attention. Ideal for heavy commercial applications including restaurants, retail outlets or civic centres such as libraries or universities. Enterprise provides an interchangeable tufted tile that’s hardwearing and reliable, that can be adapted to any business’s needs.