Residential Carpeting

Origins Residential Carpeting

Crisp clean colourways reflect the latest décor trends and complement any interior by adding elegance to any room in the home. This loop-pile carpet is crush resistant to ensure hard-wearing good looks while its 100% Stainproof Miracle Fibre (Polypropylene) construction ensures easy cleaning and superb colourfastness. Origins is suitable for even the most demanding residential applications.

Includes SilverCare™

Conqueror Residential Carpeting

This carpet is an excellent choice when selecting a practical, hard-wearing carpet for the home. Manufactured from 100% Stainproof Miracle Fibre (Polypropylene), Conqueror is available in a range of attractive colours.

Includes SilverCare™

Heather Twist Residential Carpeting

Available in seven deluxe colours, the Heather Twist cut pile range is recognised for its sheer elegance, making it a perfect choice for the distinguished home owner.

Includes SilverCare™

Impressions Residential Carpeting

A classic design has been brought back to life, with added texture, through our revolutionary new level cut-loop technology. Impressions has a neutral colour palette, which provides the perfect foundation for any décor enthusiast. Made from 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon), Impressions is colourfast and bleach resistant, ensuring colour that lasts.

Includes SilverCare™

Habitat Residential Carpeting

Inspired by the incredible ecological terrain on our planet, Belgotex Floors has launched the Habitat range of level loop pile carpets. Perfectly suited to high traffic areas like passages and TV rooms, Habitat is available in eight beautiful, neutral colourways. Now you can bring ‘Grassland’, ‘Mountain’, ‘Tundra’ and ‘Forest’ into your surroundings, along with some other stunning habitats. It’s a natural way to change your home into an amazing new abode.

So, if you want your home to become an environment where you an...

BellaVista Residential Carpeting

Now, the timeless elegance of Italy is encapsulated in a stunning range of cut-pile carpets from Belgotex Floors. The Bella Vista range is the perfect choice for many areas in your home where you need an elegant quality affordable floorcovering that is also environmentally friendly, comfortable, healthy and resilient. Featuring six colourways that are inspired by the ancient cobblestone streets of Florence, the pale clear water cascading down a hundred fountains in Tivoli Gardens, the concrete Colosseum set against a grey-blue sky, and the a...

Cobble Ridge Residential Carpeting

Inspired by the many fibres that bind our lives and are woven into our past, present and future, Belgotex Floors has created the Cobble Ridge range of multilevel loop pile carpets. This family friendly carpet range is comfortable and durable, and available in a variety of colourways based on flax, coir, ramie, hemp, angora and wool - the textile fibres that are woven, spun, knitted or knotted into the colourful fabrics, blank canvases, natural linens and strong yarns that form an integral part of our lives. It is ideal for children’s bedro...

Country Living Residential Carpeting

With the Country Living range of carpets, Belgotex Floors brings the beauty and peace of the countryside right into your home. Country Living is a low-level loop pile carpet with a Berber look. The neutral, natural colour tones of the range are inspired by the textures of country life – woven baskets filled with fresh herbs, the softness of a mohair blanket next to a log fire, a patchwork quilt spread across the wicker chair that you sit on to gaze out across the fertile open pastures. And with either a 5 or 10- year warrantee you always h...

Elegance Residential Carpeting

Elegance is a Saxony product, a dense, luxurious carpet that features closely packed, level cut piles. The Elegance range is offered in a beautiful palette of clean yet distinctive colours in beiges, browns and greys, and is perfect for more formal residential areas like living and dining rooms.

So, if you’re looking for a chic, sophisticated floorcovering for your home, discover the natural distinction of our incredible Elegance range. It’s a refined taste in flooring. Pure and simple.

SilverCare is a long-lasting protection...

Portrait Residential Carpeting

Portrait carpets are also durable, environmentally friendly and comfortable, but their true beauty lies in the colour palette they come in - an array of soft neutral colour tones that is perfectly suited to any interior décor style or design.

The floor in your home is your canvas and there is no better choice than Belgotex Floors’ exquisite Portrait range to create your décor masterpiece.

Silvercare is a long-lasting protection system, with a base of non-toxic, hypoallergenic silver ions.

Stoneridge Residential Carpeting

And it is the allure of these exotic destinations that has inspired Belgotex Floors to create Stoneridge, a range of beautiful textured loop pile carpets that bring the world into your home. Stoneridge is a hardwearing, practical choice in floorcovering that is easy to clean and maintain. Choose African Smoke, Asian Jute, Egyptian Tweed, Greek Pottery, Italian Honey, Moroccan Berber, Romanian Arch, Spanish Guitar or Turkish Cotton, and add excitement and character to your bedrooms, lounges, dining areas and passageways.

If you love a g...

Timeless Residential Carpeting

Because we know there is so much value in things that are timeless, and because we believe in enduring quality products, Belgotex Floors has created the Timeless range of carpets, a ultilevel loop product that is environmentally friendly, comfortable, healthy and easy to maintain. Timeless is durable and will retain its good looks in busy areas of your home, like children’s bedrooms and playrooms. In addition to these incredible attributes, this amazing carpet range is offered in a variety of exciting colour blends that will be music to yo...

Royal Twist Residential Carpeting

Offers a stately blend of sophistication, luxury and outstanding performance. Available in a selection of subtle neutral shades, the dense pile of Royal Twist offers superior comfort. Maintenance is easy too, thanks to stain-resistant 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) construction which ensures that colours will not fade.

SilverCare is a long-lasting protection system, with a base of non-toxic, hypoallergenic silver ion...

Super Weave Residential Carpeting

Tufted on the only machine of its kind in Africa, Superweave is a unique product specifically aimed at the discerning décor fraternity. Superweave complements the latest trends in furnishings and fabrics with its sophisticated ‘woven’ look and contemporary colour range. Engineered to provide outstanding performance in heavy-residential installations, this dense, loop pile product highlights accent colours and creates a warm, relaxing am...

Weavers Choice Residential Carpeting

Belgotex Floorcoverings introduces WEAVERS CHOICE, a heavy commercial product that is available in a range of natural colourways. Chunky, traditional and expertly constructed, the look of Weavers Choice is charmingly rustic as it is commanding. Given the harmonious blend of rich colours and intriguing peppercorn texture, it’s no wonder Weavers Choice holds instant appeal to those who appreciate timeless craftsmanship and quality.

Westminster Residential Residential Carpeting

True luxury for the corridors of power, Westminster takes commercial carpeting to new heights of comfort and sophistication. This elegant cut-pile carpet offers plush softness underfoot and provides superior sound-absorption properties.

SilverCare is a long-lasting protection system, with a base of non-toxic, hypoallergenic silver ions.

Softology Residential Carpeting

Our Softology carpets are made using a higher count of finer filaments, like a feather, to deliver its plush properties.